Fake Racing Club Keeps the Monaco Grand Prix Hype Alive

The 2023 Monaco Grand Prix may be fixed in the rearview mirror now, but its memory lives on in the hearts of race fans. And the hype for next year’s Monaco Grand Prix? It’s already palpable. 

That’s why we’ve found ourselves checking out Fake Racing Club, a new Motorsports fashion brand starting to make headway on Etsy. The bulk of FRC’s tops and accessories feature a color-forward abstraction of a Formula One race car set against swaying palm trees that bring to mind the easy-going spirit of a summer drive along the coast.

This pattern comes embroidered on a variety of sweatshirt colors including faded maroon, kelly green, and grey. Those looking for something with fewer hues can snag the black and white Monaco Track Sweatshirt that outlines the track and incorporates a checkered race flag pattern for a little extra pop. And that’s not all! 

Fake Racing Club has a more general Formula One sweatshirt as well, featuring a front-facing car surrounded with all the neon of our most nostalgic 1980s memories. There’s also a black corduroy hat with a pair of finish flags, and a Fake Racing Club official t-shirt currently up for pre-order. 

FRC’s collection of racing-related tops are produced in limited quantities so motor over to the shop as soon as you can!