Embarking on a Creative Journey: The Waytoplay Story

Since 2014, a family-driven endeavor has flourished, fueled by creativity, imagination, care, and connection. From the initial spark, Waytoplay emerged from a family’s love for playing with toy cars under the sun and on sandy landscapes. Sybren, the father, inventor, and designer, brought to life the unbreakable, weatherproof road set in 2003, sparking a remarkable evolution.

With a true family spirit, Marise and Lex joined after a successful 2014 crowdfunding campaign, turning a passion project into a thriving business. The first 250 sets vanished in no time, revealing a hungry market.

Spanning 60+ countries, Waytoplay’s road has only just begun. A sustainability-focused future awaits, fueled by the belief that imagination, creation, and play can forge new pathways. The journey ahead beckons with excitement, inviting everyone to imagine, create, and play without bounds.

Open ended play

Children take the reins as their imaginations flourish, breathing life into Waytoplay. No screens, no wires – just pure, unplugged fun. With Waytoplay, children delve into the boundless realm of imagination.

Reliability and Excellence Assured

Crafted in The Netherlands with the utmost precision, Waytoplay guarantees safety and longevity. Constructed from top-tier flexible materials, this product stands strong against time and play. Rigorous testing has earned it a seal of approval from the most stringent standards.

Waterproof and washable, Waytoplay adapts flexibly to your child’s creativity. Whether on hard floors, windows, bathtubs, or hills, each road segment molds to your child’s ideas. With an open highway of possibilities, your child develops risk-taking and problem-solving skills, stepping beyond the ordinary into a world of flexible exploration.