COBRA CORSA Makes Motorsports a Daily Fashion Statement

“Dress quiet. Race loud.” That’s the motto behind COBRA CORSA, a motorsports inspired lifestyle brand that’s in gear with the fashionable forward race fan. Launched  in October of 2022, COBRA CORSA produces hats and beanies, sweatshirts and tees, and other fits in collections inspired directly by the cars and bikes that have left their marks on motorsports history.

Take the “F’Yeah” collection that identifies the Ferrari F40 and F50 as its creative muse. The classic logo reinterpreted with a coiled, strike-ready cobra instead of the stallion we’re used to on a Ferrari-red beanie is sure to turn heads on and off the track. The minimalist design of the F40 is mirrored in the collection’s “Maranello” t-shirt featuring the same COBRA CORSA take on the Ferrari logo on the left breast of a classic cut tee. 

The “Kenny Jr” collection celebrates the golden era of MotoGP that started with the three final title victories for Kenny Roberts and ended by his son, Kenny Roberts Jr., when he won the 2000 World Championship on the factory Suzuki. The collection’s t-shirts and sweatshirts take design cues from both the Marlboro team livery and the Japanese flag with intense reds against black and white fabric. 

COBRA CORSA founder RZ says he doesn’t expect his clothes to be the only ones you wear, “but perhaps the best representation of your love for motorsport, speed, and fashion.” So don’t waste your time idling! Once announced via COBRA CORSA’s social media channels, new collections are available for a limited time only and in limited runs. Looking to snag a beanie? It’s here today and gone tomorrow—no cap.