British Speed Legends Celebrated with New T-shirts from Retro Classic

Retro Classic Clothing has embarked on a noble venture, paying homage to two of British motorsport’s most illustrious names: Sunbeam and BRM, with a new line of t-shirts. These garments not only celebrate the history of these legendary entities but also contribute to the restoration of a historic speed titan—the Sunbeam 1000hp.

This car, affectionately dubbed ‘the Slug’ for its aerodynamic contour, is famed for its record-setting 203mph run at Daytona Beach in 1927, with Sir Henry Segrave at the helm. The restoration of this extraordinary vehicle, housed at the National Motor Museum for over six decades, is set to ensure its return to Daytona for the centennial celebration of its landmark achievement.

The initiative extends beyond apparel to educational engagement, with the Museum organizing talks and STEM workshops to inspire the next generation. A portion of the proceeds from each t-shirt sale directly fuels this restoration effort, offering enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of history while supporting this engineering marvel’s revival. The Sunbeam 1000HP Restoration supporters T-shirt is available for purchase at the National Motor Museum and through Retro Classic Clothing, bolstering a campaign that merges fashion, education, and heritage in a unique blend.