Bring a Piece of Motorsports History Home With Halmo

How do you show your love for racing? Are your living room walls covered in photographs of race track victories? Perhaps your wardrobe is full of motorsports-inspired fashion? We’re certainly not knocking any merch, trinkets, or art that expresses your fandom, but what if you could have a real piece of the action with the grit of the track and smell of oil included? 

That’s the question driving Halmo, an motorsports-inspired art and design studio located a scant 100 kilometers from Ferrari’s hometown, Maranello. Halmo is also a purveyor of one-of-a-kind objects related to racing. For example, Halmo will soon provide MotoGP fans with a chance to own Marco Bezzecchi’s Ducati MotoGP fairing ripped right from his race San Marino and Rimini Rivera Grand Prix in 2022. The pieces of the fairing were left exactly as they were when Bezzecchi took a tumble during the race—scratches and scrapes included. 

Other treasures available currently include a Red Bull wing from David Coulthard’s car used in F1 in 2006, a Ferrari Formula One three liter fuel tank, and a genuine Shell sign from 1980. 

In addition to curating a collection of formerly race-worthy car parts and other memorabilia, Halmo has a line of products all their own. Halmo models transform an image of your favorite vehicle into a Plexiglass cut-out that you can proudly hang in your garage. And be sure to keep your hands clean between pit stops with CARhandGEL, a smart-looking hand sanitizer dispenser that fits snuggly into any cup holder.