Bremont’s Jaguar C-Type Watch

bremont racing watch le mans motorsports

The Bremont Jaguar C-type timepiece, a tribute to the iconic motorsport event, the 1953 Le Mans race, is meticulously handcrafted upon each order. With an estimated delivery timeline of 2-4 weeks, the watch is a testament to the enduring legacy of motorsports and the timeless allure of luxury watches.

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the historic 1953 Le Mans race, where the Jaguar C-type clinched the first, second, and fourth positions, Bremont unveils a new version of its original C-type watch. This timepiece pays homage to the aluminium chassis of the legendary race-winning car and subtly references the innovation and aesthetics of the 1951 original.

The C-type watch, designed by renowned British Jaguar car designer, aerodynamicist, and artist Malcolm Sawyer, is revered for its exceptionally fluid shape. The Bremont Jaguar C-type continues this tradition, drawing inspiration from the car’s classic shape and design features, much like previous Bremont Jaguar timepieces.

The 43mm Jaguar C-type chronograph, presented in monochrome, is a modern interpretation of a motoring classic and a valuable addition to Bremont’s Motorsport Collection. The steel Trip-Tick® case construction, treated with scratch-resistant PVD, is complemented by a bi-directional rotating tachymeter ring. The brushed finish is a visual tribute to the C-type’s famous disc brake, a pioneering technology first used in this race car and still prevalent today.

While Geneva and Switzerland may be the current hubs of luxury wristwatch production, it is intriguing to note that the world sets its time by Greenwich, not Geneva. Historically, British watchmakers were at the forefront of the industry. In 1800, they produced half of the world’s watches, amounting to approximately 200,000 pieces annually. Furthermore, it is estimated that 60-70% of the innovation in a modern mechanical watch, including every major escapement design, originates from Britain. Bremont’s mission aligns with this rich heritage, aiming to revive the art of watchmaking on British shores.