Boost! Roger Bailey’s Extraordinary Motor Racing Career

Dive into the thrilling world of Motorsports with “Boost! Roger Bailey’s Extraordinary Motor Racing Career,” a captivating chronicle of one of racing’s most diverse and influential figures. Roger Bailey, a name synonymous with racing excellence, spanned an impressive 52-year career (1959-2012) in the Motorsports arena. From his early days as a mechanic and engine builder to his pivotal roles as a crew chief, technical inspector, and ultimately, the co-founder and administrator of the renowned Indy Lights series, Bailey’s journey is nothing short of legendary.

In 1986, the Motorsports landscape was forever changed when Bailey co-founded the American Racing Series alongside Pat Patrick. This series evolved into the iconic Indy Lights series in 1991, with Bailey steering its course through its golden years until his retirement in 2012.

Roger Penske, a titan in the racing world, lauds Bailey, saying, “Roger’s passion for racing was unparalleled. His invaluable contributions during our Can-Am stint in 1967 showcased his innovative ideas and unmatched work ethic. His leadership of the Indy Lights series was a testament to his vast skill set and the respect he garnered from the racing community. Leading with such momentum and influence, Roger truly stands out as one of the best in Motorsports.”

Penned by Gordon Kirby, this latest Racemaker Press biography is a must-read for every racing enthusiast and book lover. Dive deep into the adrenaline-pumping world of racing and discover the man behind the legend.