Being Marc Márquez: This Is How I Win My Race

Being Marc Márquez lifts the curtain behind the iconic acronym MM93, revealing what truly matters to the fastest man on two wheels. This captivating book provides an intimate look into the life and mindset of Marc Márquez, an all-out racing soul and eight-time motorcycle racing world champion.

Through eight engaging chapters, readers will explore the core values that define Marc’s life—friendship, focus, fun, and family. He opens his tinted visor, offering a rare glimpse into his personal world and the principles that drive his success on and off the racetrack.

This book shares the personal insights and credos of a tireless fighter and unapologetically optimistic family man. It’s an invitation to take a ride with Marc Márquez, understanding the spirit and determination that make him a legend in the world of motorcycle racing.

Join Marc as he reveals the essence of his journey, allowing fans and readers to connect with the heart and soul behind MM93. Whether you’re a motorsport enthusiast or someone who appreciates inspiring stories, Being Marc Márquez is a must-read.