Automobolist x Juan Manuel Fangio

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The collaboration between Automobilist and Juan Manuel Fangio brings to life one of the most iconic victories in the annals of racing history. Fangio’s triumph at the 1957 German Grand Prix is widely regarded as a pinnacle moment in his illustrious career, and this artwork captures that essence beautifully.

What you’re looking at is not a photograph, but a meticulously crafted 3D artwork. This piece features authentic renderings, all designed and constructed from scratch in 3D. It’s through this innovative approach that we capture and recreate unforgettable moments from both modern and historic motorsport in a form of art that is truly unique.

The artwork showcases Juan Manuel Fangio at the Nürburgring, a moment that encapsulates his prowess and skill. Fangio clinched the World Championship that year in his Maserati 250F, and his performance at the Nürburgring was nothing short of spectacular.

Fangio’s strategy to race with softer tires and only half a tank of fuel allowed him to corner faster and take a significant lead. However, a pit stop was inevitable due to the reduced fuel, which turned disastrous when a mechanic dropped a wheel nut. Despite rejoining the race in third place and 48 seconds behind Peter Collins, Fangio’s exceptional driving skills shone through.

Over the course of 10 laps, Fangio not only caught up with Collins but also surpassed him, breaking the lap record nine times in the process. Seven of these were consecutive laps, and his fastest time remained unbeaten for 46 years. After overtaking Collins, Fangio set his sights on the race leader, Mike Hawthorn. In a spectacular move, Fangio passed Hawthorn with his right tires on the track and left tires on the grass.

Reflecting on the race, Fangio said, “I have never driven that quickly before in my life and I don’t think I will ever be able to do it again”. This artwork is a tribute to that unforgettable moment, blending the worlds of art, motorsports, and racing in a way that has never been seen before.