Autodromo’s Racing Team Chronograph Limited Edition

Inspired by the de-branded tobacco advertising liveries of the 90s, the Autodromo Racing Team chronograph watch epitomizes monochromatic minimalism. This limited-edition watch is designed to be the ultimate sleeper, perfect for any motorsports enthusiast.

The Racing Team chronograph is Autodromo’s most minimalist creation yet. Its subtle vertical brushed black dial is devoid of numerals, and the bezel is free from any tachymeter scale. The only mark of its prestigious automotive heritage is the iconic Autodromo “A-D” logo at 12H. This de-branded approach ensures the watch can be worn anywhere, blending seamlessly with any outfit.

With only 165 pieces available, the Racing Team chronograph is a must-have for watch collectors and racing fans alike. Its monochromatic design pays homage to the sleek, understated style of 90s motorsport liveries, making it a unique addition to any collection.

For those passionate about racing and high-quality timepieces, the Racing Team chronograph offers a perfect blend of style and heritage. Its minimalist design and limited availability make it a standout piece from Autodromo, known for their automotive-inspired watches.

Embrace the ultimate in minimalist, motorsport-inspired timekeeping with the Autodromo Racing Team chronograph. Whether you’re at the track or in the office, this watch is a testament to your love for racing and refined design.