Autodromo’s Group B Series 2 Automatic Verde Smeraldo

Step Back in Time with the Group B Series 2 Watch

Travel back to the 1980s without needing a Delorean. Introducing the Group B Series 2 watch – a masterful blend of nostalgia and modern minimalism, echoing the unmistakable vibes of the era. If you’ve been yearning for a piece that captures the spirit and aesthetic of the early ’80s, you’ll understand why this watch has quickly become a bestseller and a must-have collector’s item. With the Group B Series 2, you’re not just wearing a watch; you’re donning a future classic straight from the past.

Embracing the Romanticism of Group B Rally Era Between 1982 and 1986, the world witnessed the Group B rally era – often considered the last romantic chapter in motorsport history. This was a period marked by groundbreaking technical advancements, the use of exotic, space-age materials, and turbo-boosted horsepower. Brave drivers and co-drivers tested their limits, traversing treacherous mountain paths, desert terrains, and snow-laden forests. The Group B Series 2 watch draws inspiration from this adventurous and audacious time.

Cutting-Edge Design with Retro Flair The Group B watch’s design language pays homage to the “high-tech” sensibilities of the ’80s. Beneath its sleek exterior lies a robust Miyota 9015 automatic movement. The watch is encased in a lightweight 39mm titanium two-part capsule. Remarkably, despite its intricate details, the watch is less than 10mm thick. To ensure a snug fit, it comes with an integrated, resizable stainless steel bracelet. If preferred, this bracelet can also be detached.

Dive into the past while staying rooted in the present with the Group B Series 2 watch. Don’t just tell time; tell a story.