Art Rotondo

Art Rotondo Inc., centered on the talents of canvas artist Arturo Rotondo, has emerged as a pivotal force in the motorsport art scene. Operating from Montreal, Canada, Rotondo has infused the motorsport art genre with a refreshing and unique style that successfully communicates his artistic vision on a global scale.

Rotondo isn’t just a skilled painter, sketcher, or designer; he’s a veritable incarnation of talent, driven by a fervent passion for Formula 1. This passion not only fuels his creativity but has also led to the creation of art pieces that many Formula 1 enthusiasts have admired, often without realizing the mastermind behind them.

The scope of Rotondo’s work spans several racing categories, including F1, IndyCar, NASCAR, and Sports Car racing, showcasing his versatility and broad appeal. His portfolio includes vivid portrayals of motorsport legends such as Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, and Scott Dixon, capturing their essence and bringing their achievements to life through his art.

Through his innovative approach and dedication, Art Rotondo Inc. offers a distinctive perspective on the world of motorsports, celebrating its heroes and moments through the eyes of a true aficionado and talented artist.