SportsChord: The Art of F1 Data

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SportsChord, a unique entity in the realm of F1 and motorsports, data, and art, masterfully merges analysis and statistics with avant-garde visuals to transform data into works of art.

Established by James Smith in March 2017, SportsChord was born out of a passion to amalgamate sports, data, and visualization. Initially, it emerged as a business specializing in sports prints.

In the present day, while the design and production of prints continue to be a fundamental aspect of the enterprise, SportsChord has evolved into a platform for innovative ideas and projects in the sphere of data visualization and sports analytics. The conception of new prints serves as an outlet for creativity beyond James’ primary occupation in automating finance processes.

At SportsChord, there’s an inherent love for uncovering new statistics and learning about diverse sports. The team is always eager to hear from you with requests or ideas for new prints.