Air Jordan IV Motorsport Edition

Michael Jordan, widely celebrated as an NBA champion, movie star, and CEO, has another lesser-known passion: motorsports. Jordan’s enthusiasm for racing predates his NBA fame, having begun before he joined the Chicago Bulls. However, upon signing with the Bulls, he agreed to stop riding motorcycles due to the risks involved. Despite this, Jordan’s passion for the sport never waned, and he occasionally found opportunities to ride, discreetly indulging his love for the sport.

In 2004, Jordan took a significant step closer to the world of racing by collaborating with Pete Mauhar, an experienced racing team manager. Together, they embarked on the whirlwind task of assembling a racing team. Mauhar recalls the unexpected phone call from Jordan, initially suspecting it was a prank by his friends. It turned out to be the beginning of a fast-paced venture into racing, assembling a team in just about five weeks—a process that typically takes much longer.

As the first race of the year at Daytona approached, resources were scarce, with most equipment, riders, and staff already committed to other teams. Nonetheless, Jordan and Mauhar hustled to gather whatever and whoever was available to prepare for the race.

While Mauhar handled the team logistics, Jordan reached out to Mark Smith, Senior Creative Director of Innovation at Nike, with a request to design a racing suit. Initially, Jordan didn’t mention the existence of his new team, merely stating his need for a suit. After some back and forth on the design, Jordan revealed the full scope of the project, catching Smith by surprise. Smith then took on the broader task of designing not just the racing suits, but also the bikes and additional gear, including team sneakers, creating a cohesive look that matched the style and spirit of the team.

Smith emphasized that the design project was not about generating hype among sneaker enthusiasts but was focused on crafting something uniquely suited for the team. In 2006, Smith introduced a special pair of Jordan IV sneakers in a black, white, and royal blue colorway, designed specifically for the team. These sneakers have since become one of the most coveted items among Jordan collectors.

In 2017, Michael Jordan released this highly sought-after pair of Jordan IVs to the public. Initially crafted for a select, elite group, these iconic sneakers will now be available for broader consumption, allowing fans and collectors the chance to own a piece of Jordan’s racing venture.

They can be yours too – for the right price.