Acapella x Sergio Perez

Acapella x Sergio Perez motorsports clothing

In the summer of 2013, the band Gama was touring in southern Mexico when they received an invitation to a party. Their wardrobe was limited to their stage outfits, prompting them to explore local shopping options. However, they quickly discovered the limited clothing options available in Mexico.

This experience sparked the creation of Acapella, a brand dedicated to those who cherish the earth, respect nature, and strive to protect it. Acapella is a brand for the conscious, supporting those who are committed to advancing humanity. They refuse to sell anything that isn’t safe or fair. As perfectionists, they pay attention to every detail, working relentlessly to provide the best products, the best experience, and the best customer service possible. They firmly believe that fashion doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive, advocating for paying for quality rather than the brand name.

Acapella has designed a limited edition gear collection for Formula 1 driver Sergio Perez. Drawing inspiration from popular nicknames and quotes such as “Checo is a Legend” and “Mexican Minister of Defense”, this collection embodies the spirit of the celebrated motorsports driver.