Vintage Truckers

Established by childhood best friends and college roommates, Harold and Russwagen, the duo bonded over their shared enthusiasm for collecting vintage trucker hats while collaborating on the early stages of the NASCAR circuit.

Regrettably, Russwagen struggled with tire-changing skills, often leaving a lug nut or two behind. His career fizzled out after a brief stint at Zaxby’s near his mom’s residence.

Harold, on the other hand, endured longer, manning crew mess tents and crafting peanut butter and banana sandwiches for crews, despite dealing with often ungrateful and moody individuals.

Predictably, both friends found themselves jobless during the pandemic. Over some Natty Lites, they decided to transform their shared interests into a business, creating hats and aiming to positively impact the world, one crown at a time.

Every hat is meticulously handmade and dispatched from Russwagen’s basement studio just north of Atlanta, Georgia.