The Suzuka Collection from ejus racing

Joshua, a lifelong motorsport enthusiast mesmerized by the vibrant tapestry of stickers, advertising, and logos adorning race cars, founded Ejus Racing out of a personal passion for racing memorabilia. His fascination isn’t just with the visual spectacle of racing liveries; it’s also about the powerful memories evoked by the roar of engines and the distinct smell of the track. These experiences are what fueled his desire to start a collection that ranged from posters and mugs to phone cases.

However, Joshua noticed a gap in the market for phone cases that subtly hinted at his love for race cars without the overt presence of large automaker logos, which he found somewhat overbearing. In response, he decided to channel his creativity into designing his own line of racing-inspired phone cases, viewing it as a way to weave the essence of automotive art into everyday life.

This led to the creation of the Suzuka Collection by Ejus Racing, a homage to the iconic Suzuka Circuit known for its challenging layout and legendary corners such as the S curves, Dunlop, Degner 1 and 2, Hairpin, Spoon, 130R, and the Final chicane. Each piece in the collection represents a piece of the track, inviting enthusiasts to carry a piece of racing history with them. The Suzuka Collection invites motorsport fans to relive the thrill of the circuit with each glance at their phone, not just as a protective accessory but as a statement of passion.

Available for purchase from Ejusracing, the Suzuka Collection offers fans a unique opportunity to incorporate their love for motorsports into their daily lives, combining functionality with a tribute to one of the most celebrated circuits in racing history.