Shelby Cobra-Style Go-Kart

This unique go-kart, crafted to mirror the iconic 1960s Shelby Cobra, was built by Midwestern Industries in Goshen, Indiana. Acquired by the current owner in 2022, it has since undergone a thorough refurbishment, including a fresh coat of Ford Ghost White paint complemented by black roundels, Pure decals, and a Cobra emblem. The kart boasts a black tubular steel frame and is powered by a 3.5-horsepower Tecumseh Power Sport engine. It features a centrifugal clutch, a drive chain, a black seat, Halibrand-style 5-inch wheels with faux knock-off hubs, fender vents, and a range of realistic details like a plexiglass windscreen, dual side pipes, quick-jack bumperettes, and a chrome roll hoop.

The kart’s fiberglass body, now refinished, includes a faux hood scoop, a plexiglass windscreen, a black billet-style side mirror, flared fenders, and decorative side pipes. It also has a rear-mounted flip-up fuel cap connected to the engine in the trunk, and a non-functional radiator in the nose section. The Cheng Shin and Duro bias-ply tires ensure smooth riding, while a drum brake on the rear axle provides stopping power.

Adding to its authenticity, the kart includes front and rear quick-jack bumperettes, chrome trunk hinges, and black tie-down trunk latches. It also comes with working headlights, taillights, and a license plate light, all powered by a 12-volt battery.

Inside the cockpit, there’s a black fiberglass seat with a Sparco-branded back pad, vintage-style lap belt, leather side panels, and a three-spoke steering wheel with a rocker switch for the lights. An engine on/off switch is located on the left side for convenience. The kart’s Tecumseh engine, paired with a centrifugal clutch and drive chain, propels it forward, while gold-color heat-reflective foil under the trunk lid adds a practical touch. This Cobra-style go-kart is now being offered without reserve in Point Pleasant Boro, New Jersey, complete with a bill of sale.