Scuderia Ferrari x Ray-Ban x Meta Smart Glasses

Introducing the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in an exclusive Scuderia Ferrari Wayfarer Miami Limited Edition, merging Ferrari’s heritage with Ray-Ban’s timeless design and Meta’s advanced technology. The iconic Wayfarer features integrated camera and audio for listening, calling, capturing, and livestreaming. Styled in a unique blue frame with blue-mirrored lenses, adorned with the Scuderia Ferrari shield logo, these glasses honor Ferrari’s historic shades, Azzurro Dino & Azzurro La Plata. Only 1,000 editions are available worldwide, each in special Azzurro packaging.

Meta and Ray-Ban’s collaboration has birthed the Ferrari x Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, fusing high tech with sleek style. This limited edition accessory incorporates Meta’s AI with Vision technology, enhancing smart wearable functionality. Beyond style, they serve as a multifunctional tool for enhanced communication via video calls on WhatsApp and Messenger, offering real-time sharing capabilities.

Perfect for the Miami 2024 race, these glasses cater to motorsport fans with their distinctive Ferrari colors and co-branded packaging. The Meta AI with Vision technology enables interaction with the environment, assisting with tasks from photo captioning to translating text during travels.

Available for $299 USD at select Ray-Ban stores, their official website, and Meta’s online platform, these glasses are a crucial acquisition for tech and fashion enthusiasts. With limited availability, prospective buyers should act swiftly to secure their pair.