Fueling Fun: The Journey of an F1 Fan to Float Factory Founder

Float Factory’s founder was an early motorsport enthusiast, with a particular love for drifting, Formula D and kart racing – this all lead to the discovery of global motorsports. As an F1 fan, he noticed the popularity skyrocketing and decided to approach this opportunity with a new business venture.

Float Factory began as a playful side project. After a bachelor party involving floating on swans and pizza slices, the founders realized the potential for fun, interactive floating devices. The viral success of their first product, the Pool Punisher, a military-style tank with a water cannon, transformed this project into a thriving business.

A breakthrough moment happened during the Miami F1 Grand Prix. Why not bring the thrill of racing to water? This idea led to the development of the Formula Float, an F1 float that could race across water, the most challenging but rewarding venture they had tackled.

Based in sunny San Diego, Float Factory plans to expand its Fast Collection line beyond F1-inspired floats and delve into winter sled products. Keep an eye out for new Formula Float liveries, featuring Aston Martin and McLaren designs next!