Racetrack Notes Puts You On the Path to Racing Victory

There are a bevy of tools that help both the racing amateur and professional do their absolute best behind the wheel. Clocking hours in the simulator, whether that’s a full VR set up or a hand-assembled approximation, can help a driver learn a given raceway’s  every contour and curve. But what other tool can help give you the edge you need to leave it all out on the track? Have you considered your iPad?

Racetrack Notes is an app that turns your humble tablet into a tool for scribbling thoughts and jotting down ideas directly on an image of a given race track hand-drawn with the utmost accuracy. The idea is that by sketching on the track with your own hand, you’ll remember details better—kind of like drawing your own treasure map that leads you directly to racing victory. 

Racetrack Notes currently has 24 circuits with accurate track maps ready for you to markup to your heart’s content. These include Daytona International Speedway, Fuji International Speedway, Road Atlanta, and Red Bull Ring. More tracks are on their way every month. And if you want to try before you buy, you can download the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya map as a demo