PUMA and Scuderia Ferrari HP launch the Barcelona Special Edition Cap

PUMA, in collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari HP, proudly introduces the Barcelona Special Edition Cap. This unique piece celebrates the dynamic spirit of Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz and the vibrant culture of Barcelona. Paying homage to Sainz’s Spanish heritage, the cap features a distinctive design adorned with elements inspired by the iconic charm of Barcelona.

The all-white hat showcases a chili pepper design, symbolizing Sainz’s spirited personality and his signature emblem. The front prominently displays the Carlos Sainz logo, highlighting the strong partnership between PUMA, Scuderia Ferrari HP, and Sainz. With its blend of cultural flair and racing spirit, this cap stands out as a fashionable tribute to both the city and the sport.

Perfect for Formula 1 enthusiasts, the PUMA for Scuderia Ferrari Carlos Sainz Barcelona Special Edition Cap is now available. Celebrate your love for racing and Barcelona with this stylish new release.