McLaren Automotive and luxury sneaker brand APL release 3 new colorways

McLaren APL shoes

Luxury supercar maker McLaren Automotive and APL, the high-performance athletic footwear brand, have released a new drop of the APL McLaren HySpeed™ in three new striking colorways.

This is the second drop of the APL McLaren HySpeed™ range of luxury sneakers inspired by McLaren’s iconic supercars and hypercars since its initial global release last August and continues the collaboration between the two companies who both sit at the intersection of quality, innovation, and performance.  

Both leaders in their respective product categories, APL and McLaren Automotive combine the pursuit of performance with world class quality and luxurious materials; the brand’s aligned design aesthetics and parallels represent the pinnacle of luxury and performance.  

With such close parallels in brand philosophy, the collaboration progressed in a natural direction guided by both McLaren and APL’s design pillars to create a truly special collection. This resulted in the development of a new range of motorsport shoes that further elevates design, performance, technology, and construction in the luxury footwear category.