Juncos Hollinger Racing x Endstate Create First-Ever Fully Connected Team Kit and Merchandise

Juncos Hollinger Racing is excited to announce a pioneering partnership with Endstate, the high-tech lifestyle brand set to become the Official Connected Apparel Partner of the team.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone as it introduces the first-ever fully connected line of team kit and merchandise in professional sports, leveraging cutting-edge NFT and NFC technologies.

The collaboration even includes a shoe designed by Romain Grosjean.

Through this exclusive partnership, each piece of gear from Juncos Hollinger Racing will feature an embedded Endstate NFC tag. This innovative technology connects each item to a digital certificate of authenticity, unlocking a world of possibilities for fans. Owners of this connected apparel will gain access to exclusive content, immersive experiences, and private events, enhancing fan engagement and deepening the connection between fans and the team.

This interactive apparel initiative is not just about fashion—it’s a revolutionary step in fan engagement, offering new ways for fans to interact with the sport and the team. It represents the first of many initiatives under Juncos Hollinger Racing’s commitment to using future-forward technology to enhance the fan experience in the NTT INDYCAR SERIES.

Fans of the team should stay alert for the upcoming release of new merchandise on the Juncos Hollinger Racing team store. With new apparel and other limited edition items on the horizon, this partnership is set to transform how fans support and engage with their favorite team. Keep an eye on the team store for these exciting developments and be part of a new era in sports fan engagement.