Go-Kart replica of Danny Sullivan’s 1985 Indy 500 ‘spin and win’ March 85C

indy 500 danny sullivan go kart

This go-kart, completed in 2022, was crafted by the seller to mirror the March-Cosworth 85C that Danny Sullivan famously drove to victory in the 1985 Indianapolis 500, a race remembered for his “spin and win” maneuver.

The kart boasts a white and red fiberglass body, adorned with a #5 Miller livery, mounted on a tubular steel frame. It is powered by a 196cc Honda single engine with a centrifugal clutch. The kart is equipped with a drive chain, electronic ignition, custom exhaust, cold air intake, an Optifuse fuse block, 5-inch aluminum wheels, hydraulic rear brakes, aluminum wings at the front and rear, a tinted plexiglass windscreen, side-view mirrors, black Sparco-branded seat pads, and a padded three-spoke steering wheel. The seller, who acquired the go-kart in 2022, is now offering it without reserve in Point Pleasant Boro, New Jersey. The sale includes a Miller Beer neon sign, a framed autographed photo of Danny Sullivan, an aluminum replica March 86C #5 nose cone, and a bill of sale.

The kart’s fiberglass body is white and red, featuring a vinyl #5 Miller livery. It also includes aluminum wings at the front and rear, side-view mirrors, a tinted plexiglass windscreen, and a Sullivan-branded fuel tank. The kart’s dimensions are reported to be 93 inches in length, 41 inches in width, and 25.5 inches in height.

The 5-inch aluminum wheels are fitted with Wanda bias-ply tires. The kart’s tubular steel frame, finished in black, features stainless steel hardware and rivet nuts for body mounting. Rear hydraulic disc brakes provide the braking force.

The cockpit houses a fiberglass seat with black Sparco-branded pads. An ignition switch is installed to the right of the seat, and a black rubber mat covers the floor. A custom padded three-spoke steering wheel is positioned behind the foot pedals.

The kart’s 196cc Honda GX200 single engine, factory-rated at 6.5 horsepower, is equipped with a cold air intake and custom exhaust installed by the seller. The battery and an Optifuse fuse block are located at the kart’s rear. Power is transferred to the live rear axle through a centrifugal clutch and a drive chain.

The sale also includes a Miller Beer neon sign, a framed autographed photo of Danny Sullivan, and an aluminum replica March 86C #5 nose cone.