FanAmp Fan Favorites | F1 | Week of September 22, 2023

F1 action isn’t always exclusive to on-track battles and overtakes! We chose our community’s top 5 stories from throughout the week, for a weekly recap of FanAmp’s favorite off-track action from around the web.

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Williams duo savor Singaporean flavors

Logan Sergeant and Alex Albon enjoyed some of Singapore’s local delicacies. Albon, with his Asian background, was familiar with these dishes, while Sergeant, who was more open to trying new foods, joined in. Albon explained some of the dishes to his teammate, and his girlfriend, Lily He, pitched in to help.

How drivers survive the Singapore heat

George Russell and his performance coach, Aleix, discuss how they manage to stay cool during the demanding Singapore Grand Prix. Aleix revealed that they aim to raise their body temperature by at least one degree for an hour each day in the seven days leading up to the race. Once they arrive in Singapore, they do their best to keep their bodies cool.

Verstappen in sumo knockout challenge

Max Verstappen went sumo-wrestling to prove his stamina in the ring. The game required the Red Bull driver and a professional sumo wrestler to stand in a spot and try to push each other without moving. To the delight of onlookers Checo, Tsunoda, and Lawson, Verstappen managed to win against the seasoned sumo wrestler.

Vettel’s biodiversity project takes flight at Suzuka 

Sebastian Vettel’s bee hotels on the inside T2 at Suzuka Circuit are ready for his Buzzing Corner project to promote biodiversity. Vettel, who is currently at the Suzuka track, talks about the uniqueness of the yellow and black curb painting and mentions there will be an opening ceremony with other drivers.

Drivers take on wild Japanese game show

Max Verstappen and his Formula 1 teammate, Sergio Perez, are participating in a Japanese Game Show-inspired competition against local favorite Yuki Tsunoda and Liam Lawson. This contest involves maneuvering miniature vehicles resembling the popular small flatbed utility trucks used for transporting goods in Japan. Which team will overcome the wild challenges and drive to victory?

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