FanAmp Fan Favorites | F1 | Week of March 1, 2024

F1 action isn’t always exclusive to on-track battles and overtakes! We chose our community’s top 5 stories from throughout the week, for a weekly recap of FanAmp’s favorite off-track action from around the web.

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Highlights from day 3 of Bahrain testing

It’s time to catch up on what happened during day 3 at the Bahrain International Circuit. Over the three days of pre-season testing in Bahrain, we learned a lot about the 2024 F1 cars. In this video, Kym Illman will cover the highlights, including everything from stylish F1 watches to insights into the relationship between Max Verstappen and Christian Horner. Click here to watch the video.

Let the fashion challenge begin!

The Ferrari FW24 show is on the horizon, and drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are gearing up for the event. However, they’re presented with a unique challenge: impressing Creative Director Rocco Iannone through a shopping challenge. With just two simple rules—pick their outfits wisely and do it quickly. Will they succeed in this unexpected test?

Is Piastri a top contender?

Is Oscar Piastri a contender for a World Championship title? Many would argue yes. From his humble beginnings in Australia to his current status as one of the most impressive drivers on the 2024 F1 circuit, there’s no denying the indelible mark that Australian F1 driver Oscar Piastri has left on the world of Formula 1.

10 things Russell can’t live without

Mercedes F1 driver George Russell collaborates with British GQ for their “10 Essentials” series. The British racing star shares his travel essentials, from his Formula 1 race suit to his favorite pillow. Watch the full episode of GQ’s “10 Essentials” as George Russell reveals the 10 things he can’t travel without.

McLaren duo anticipate the new season

Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris are excited for the new season as they discuss their goals for 2024. They note the slight changes in the livery from last year and express satisfaction with the MCL38. Piastri mentions feeling more relaxed, especially after his rookie season. Their partnership as teammates for the next three years underscores McLaren’s confidence in their abilities.

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