FanAmp Fan Favorites | F1 | Week of February 2, 2024

F1 action isn’t always exclusive to on-track battles and overtakes! We chose our community’s top 5 stories from throughout the week, for a weekly recap of FanAmp’s favorite off-track action from around the web.

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“Whatever it Takes”

The world of motor racing is all about speed, adrenaline, and compelling stories, and AlphaTauri, now known as Visa Cash App RB, is no exception. Watch the team’s official documentary, “Whatever it takes – The Race before the Races,” featuring Franz Tost, Pierre Gasly, Yuki Tsunoda, Jody Egginton, and Peter Bayer, as they take you behind the scenes as never before in F1.

Williams boss opens up on career

James Vowles joined Williams Racing in January 2022 to become the Team Principal after leaving his position as Motorsport Strategy Director at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team. With a career in motorsport that spans more than two decades, James kicked off his journey by reaching out to F1 teams through letters during his university years, volunteering his skills for free.  He discusses the challenges he has faced in his career, including dealing with significant job losses, and emphasizes the importance of earning his place within the team. 

Aston Martin prepares for the 2024 season

Fernando Alonso is getting ready for the 2024 season, acknowledging the formidable task ahead. He emphasizes the necessity of maintaining intense focus to succeed in Formula One and assures that he won’t compromise on that aspect. Aston Martin kicks off the season with the first round of testing using a simulator. Alonso mentions they will be exploring a range of ideas for the new car during this phase, aiming for a quick adaptation to optimize performance.

Kym predicts 2024 season

The 2024 season is on the horizon, and pundits are sharing their predictions. In this episode, Kym Illman suggests Verstappen is a strong contender for the Championship win. This belief is based on Verstappen’s consistent performance, a top-notch car, and solid support from his home country. As for other rankings, Kym evaluates driver performances and various factors to formulate his predictions.

The innovative concept that takes racing to new heights

Back in 2018, John LePore, a tech enthusiast submitted his concept to F1 and was a finalist for the F1 Innovation Prize, which saw him invited to the paddock at the Austin Grand Prix. The concept, which has evolved, provides a God’s eye view of the entire circuit on a table. One can glance back and forth between the broadcast and this miniature slice of reality, from which you can see every driver’s precise position and even compare racing lines. How cool is it?

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