Dave Mason Turns Your Shifter Into a Wooden Wonder

On his Instagram profile, Dave Mason identifies as a roller blade enthusiast, a skier, and photographer, and an avid mountain biker. But it’s Mason’s interest in wood turning custom shift knobs that has us eyeing our shifters and contemplating upgrades. 

Why stick with a stock knob when it could be replaced with a hand-turned sphere of maple or ebony? How about an ebony and bloodwood knob joined as if by magic, creating a pattern of cascading black and rings down the side of the orb?

Mason’s Instagram page is full of beautiful shift knobs in a multitude of colors and finishes for various vehicles. He created a checkerboard pattern with ebony and maple for a 1989 Porsche 911 complete with concentric stripes. There’s a trio of knobs for some Datsun 240Zs with a beautiful grain pattern still visible beneath a glossy finish.